Sculpture > Rock River, Wyoming residency

rock river wyoming
Evelyn Pringle, Talbert Letcher, Vance Van Cleave
found objects, taxidermy, sculpey, model masters acryl
Evelyn: 5" - Talbert: 9" - Vance: 7"

In 2009, the Pitt Honors College invited four artists to the Rock River, Wyoming field intensive with geology, archaeology, and biology students. Inspired by a science-fiction conceit in the Star Trek episode "The Menagerie" (1966), I created a series of taxidermy toys made of found materials in the plains landscape, a combination of actual animal parts and antiqued garbage. The idea was to preserve life anew, but without the understanding of what constitutes biological life on Earth. These were exhibited in Rock River, Wyoming as well as in the Frick Fine Arts gallery University of Pittsburgh. Evelyn, Talbert, and Vance are modeled after observation of the horned lizard, nighthawk, and prairie dog, respectively.