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Dinoplasty (Trailer 2)

In September 2012, video artist and social worker Nicole Hall discovered Benjamin Blanco, an aspiring singer who wanted to be a dinosaur. As he underwent physical, emotional, and medical changes, a series of five video vignettes acting as micro-studies of genre were created to document the experimental Dinoplasty procedures. The transformation unfolding throughout the Dinoplasty series imagines future possibilities by bending history back to the Cretaceous. Intending to evoke isolation and humor through both cinema verite and dramatic reenactment, the narratives occupy a third space outside of traditional binaries. Found in social and cultural borders, this space is constitutive to the outsider experience, and too precious to leave behind in the march of progress. The possibilities of becoming dinosaur remind us that cultures do not disappear, nor can camp go extinct.

Dinoplasty is a year-long conceptual framework represented through performance, video, and sculpture between ongoing collaborators Benjy Blanco and Nicole Hall.